Exhibition Statement

Rough Diamonds


Rough Diamonds is a series manipulating photographic images into reflective patterns. My interest is in exploring angles and perception, taking in a micro and macro frame of mind. Urban infrastructure on a grand scale, taken down to street level. Finding repetition in a natural state, and one altered by humankind. The abstraction of familiarity.

This series began in 2006 with scanned prints from colour film, fine-tuned until new patterns spoke to me. A few years later, I began capturing digitally to have a larger crop to work with. I work with the architecture of our city towers, streetscapes, roadways; objects such as raw meat, bicycle parts, fishing nets; and fragments of forest, fire, and water from time spent in the wilderness.

I am still seeking out these elusive gems. It’s only when I can push past the form before me - to find the hidden relationships within the scene - do these diamonds reveal themselves. 

- David Niddrie